Saturday, April 14, 2012

High Heel Torture

I went to a Rotary Foundation dinner last night with my hubby.  I asked him what the dress code was.  He said that he was sure that I could wear "whatever".  Hmmm.  I made him find out and he was surprised to learn that he had to wear a tie.  Ah ha!  Dressy!  So, I rummaged around in my closet for something "dressy".  I chose my black fringe dress because it's stretchy and comfy.  But, what shoes to wear with it?  I just can't wear high heels.  I never liked them.  They hurt.  How do people wear them?  I just don't understand it.  I went through all my options and chose my "highest" heel, because I figured I would be sitting the whole time.  WRONG!  There was lots of standing and visiting.  But, I survived.
It really makes me wonder how people wear really high heels.  Movie stars do it.
Here is Khloe Kardashians shoe closet:

I googled high heel shoes and there are a zillion.  Here are some of the really high ones:

Can you imagine walking in any of these shoes?  The red ones were described as "sexy".  Really?  Not.  How about those "chair" shoes.  Ridiculous.  Notice that she is sitting down.
My daughter and her friends all wear really high heels.
I was in a fun store a while back and I tried on some really high heels.  They looked like Minnie Mouses shoes.

And, I couldn't even stand in them without holding on to the racks.

And, get legs were sore just from trying them on!!!
I had to try these on:

They were pretty cute.  I should have bought them just to look at.  They almost look tame compared to some of the others.
How high can they go?   I remember seeing Lady Gaga fall down in the airport because of her crazy shoes.  Was it always like this?  I googled Marilyn Monroe and checked out her shoes.  Yep.  They were high also.  Sigh.  I guess it's been around for a while.

I still can't picture her actually walking around in these shoes.
Why can't they make a fashionable really pretty shoe that is also truly comfortable?  I've tried them all.  There are some that come close.  And, you will pay a pretty penny for them.  Here are some of my favorite brands:
Munro, very comfy, mostly sandals.  I have these loafers and have worn them a lot.

Aravon is a really supportive shoe.  But, they have yet to make any that look great.  I wore these out.  It was the only shoe I could wear for an entire gig (some of our shows last 4 hours!)

Aeorsoles, another favorite of mine.  I have a pair of boots that I have worn most of the time this winter.  And, I also like sketchers sandals in the summer.
This is the next shoe on my wishlist, by Ecco

Cute and they seem like they would be comfortable.
How about you?

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