Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Phoenix Arizona

Well, I visited "Summer" this past weekend. It's fall here at home....with nice cool temperatures and falling leaves. In Phoenix, it was 102!! Ugh! I had a great time, even while sweating, and NOW I'm ready for cold. So, bring it on!!

May I say, it's good to be home? I missed my pillow and my bed....and my husband (of course). Traveling is fun, and it's grueling at the same time. Lugging suitcases around is not my idea of fun! And, I don't much care for flying. I always fly Southwest as my dear daughter is a flight attendant and gives me FREE flying privileges. I should go more places!

Here we are a few months no attention to my hair-do...or lack thereof. Hey it was windy outside!! Isn't she precious?

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