Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Water Bottle necklace

At our local beading store, The Hole Affair, they have a challenge every so often. I'm pretty new to beading, so I couldn't imagine entering. Well, I did imagine....only nothing came to mind. That is the hardest part of jewelry making for me....coming up with some idea of what to make.

The challenge was to make something "recycled". I pondered this and after some time, I had a crazy thought. What if I made jewelry out of garbage?? Well, I checked out my garbage, and eeewww. I thought about a tin can, couldn't imagine that. Then I decided it would be a water bottle, because I have lot's of those! So, I looked at the bottle for a while and ....still nothing. Then I decided to cut off the bottom and use it. GREAT, I'm on to something!

I "saw" a flower there in the bottom of the water bottle. I, personally, only drink Desani in emergency situations. I prefer to drink my water "straight", and Desani has salt added in. Who needs that? But, the bottom of their bottle was the best one for my flower. So, I cut it out.

And here is the result. I love it! And....I might actually even wear it. I have already turned it in to the contest and I'm bummed because I added a couple of really pretty bronze beads on the ribbon on both sides of the knot. Please use your imagination here.

I actually "sewed" these beads on. Absolutely no glue! I broke several needles and my fingers were really hurting until I figured out a way to use my pliers. And, the plastic is really thick in the center, so I used a hammer and a nail there. I felt kind of crazy at the time, and I even wondered if I would ever even tell anyone about it. It turned out I can go public after all!

Now, if the sweater I am trying to knit turns out, THAT will be a miracle. I will go to class tomorrow and see if my teacher can save it. Maybe, after that, I will show it.


  1. oh, i just love this idea! so great to use recycled things! lovely.

  2. Stephanie,
    This is sooo cute. Of course you knew I would love it:)) Can't wait to see it on you!

  3. Cute idea! I also love your amulet bags...very pretty!
    I saw your comment asking about our cabin. It is in Midway, about 18 miles further from Salt Lake than Park City.


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